Telstra Signs IoT Deal with Water Utility

MELBOURNE, Australia — Telstra is providing 1 million Internet of Things (IoT) services on its network under a 15-year contract with Yarra Valley Water.

The contract is Telstra’s largest IoT deal and the first large-scale IoT deployment using its cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) IoT Connection Manager (ICM), which will help Yarra Valley Water gain access to near real-time data from a range of in-field sensors, according to the company last month.

Telstra's IoT ICM was specifically developed for major projects and provides effective SIM and connectivity management that "takes the complexity out" of managing 1 million connections.

The IoT solution

As part of the deal, Telstra will provide both the IoT connectivity and the IoT ICM platform for sensor readings to be collected automatically.

Yarra Valley Water will use the IoT solution to be more proactive and prevent leaks from becoming bursts, sewer blockages from becoming spills, and notify customers about issues on their properties.

“Internet of Things devices are a game changer for the water industry," said Pat McCafferty, managing director, Yarra Valley Water.

"By deploying a range of different sensors into our water and sanitation networks, we can detect leaks, minimize water wastage, and save our customers money.”

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Instead of getting four data points a year, Telstra's IoT ICM will allow Yarra Valley Water to get more than 17,000 data points annually, according to Mark Chapman, group owner of industry solutions and IoT, Telstra.

The increased volume of data points will give Yarra Valley Water "a much more accurate, near real-time, and robust understanding of its water infrastructure," Chapman said.

"This is a great example of how our leading IoT network and platform is helping organizations use connected technology to drive positive customer experiences and help remotely monitor its assets and complex infrastructure,” Chapman said. 

Telstra's IoT network

The solution for Yarra Valley Water runs on Telstra’s cellular low-power wide-area network (LPWAN), which is one of the largest IoT networks in Australia.

The network was built to provide better and more cost-efficient coverage, including in challenging locations that high-bandwidth technologies may not reach, such as underground.

Over 4 million things are now connected to Telstra’s IoT network.

IoT will be "an important part of Telstra’s future," due to the growing pace of IoT adoption in Australia and its benefits for customers.

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