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The Best iPad 2 Cases and Bags for Enterprise Users

Six iPad 2 cases and bags to protect and serve your tablet -- from aircraft-grade aluminum to rotating stands, the best iPad 2 cases offer sleek design and functionality.

Is the iPad 2 a Business Breakthrough?

The iPad 2 is a solid, if incremental, step forward, but don't expect a game- changer for mobile professionals

Critics' Choice: Motorola Xoom Tablet Review

Is Motorola's Android 3.0 tablet the first true iPad challenger? Read our consensus review of the Xoom for the details on performance -- how it runs Android apps, conducts video chat and more.

Smartphone Review: Dell Venu Pro

Is the Venu Pro the best smartphone running Microsoft's new mobile OS? Our hands-on review of Dell’s Windows Phone 7 smartphone outlines key features and performance issues for mobile IT.

Critics' Choice: Smartphone Review of Motorola Atrix 4G

Does the Atrix 4G live up to the hype? Our roundup review highlights what hands-on testers are saying about Motorola's next-gen smartphone.

Android Tablet Review: ViewSonic ViewPad 7

We test out the 7-inch Android 2.2 tablet PC from ViewSonic and rate how it compares to the iPad and Galaxy Tab as well as highlight the pros, cons and mobile app performance.

Mobile Security Review: AirWatch MDM for iOS 4

With the new version of AirWatch powered by Apple MDM, mobile management can control iOS 4 iPads, iPhones, and the apps allowed to run on them.

Mobile Operating System Review: iOS 4.2 on the iPad

We highlight all the pros and cons of iOS 4.2 functionality on the iPad -- multitasking, printing and more -- to help ensure your mobile workers are getting the most out of the Apple tablet.

Critics' Choice: Smartphone Review of Nexus S

We roundup what reviewers are saying about Google's newest smartphone -- the Nexus S running Android 2.3 -- after hands-on testing.

Mobile Computing Review: The Best iPad Cases

When Apple's tablet began shipping, there weren't many iPad cases to choose from. Today, you can wrap an iPad in everything from pink plastic to a red Etch a Sketch frame to Louis Vuitton logo leather.

Mobile Operating System Review: Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is a sophisticated and user-friendly smartphone OS, but there are still a few pieces missing.

Mobile Computing Review: ZooGue iPad Case

Mobile office workers need to keep their iPads protected while on the road, so we tested the ZooGue iPad case to see how it performs.

Review: Four Apps for Printing with the iPad

We test and review four iPad printing apps -- Cortado Workplace, Print Magic HD, MobileToolz and PrintCentral -- to see which is the best mobile app for turning the tablet into a printer for mobile office workers.

Critics' Choice: MacBook Air 11 Review Roundup

We highlight all the pros and cons of this ultra-chic mobile computing device just unveiled by Apple.

Critics' Choice: Roundup Samsung Focus Smartphone Review

The Samsung Focus smartphone is one of the fresh handsets running the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. See if it rates as one of the best smartphones with the reviewers.

10 Best Smartphones for Business

We highlight the specs, carriers, pros and cons of 10 standout smartphones that will excel in the enterprise.

Comparison Smartphone Review: BlackBerry Torch or Nexus One? Which is Better?

In this smartphone smackdown, we compare the performance, design and overall experience of the Android-powered Nexus One versus the BlackBerry Torch 9800 -- which is the best smartphone for business?

Critics' Choice: First Hands-on Assessments of Samsung Galaxy Tab

We provide a roundup of hands-on evaluations to ascertain if Samsung's Galaxy Tab can topple Apple's iPad from its perch in the hot Android tablet sector.

Top 3 Mobile Apps for Solving iPad's Filing Problem

We evaluate three iPad apps that boost mobile computing by making it easier to view, organize and share files on the iPad and transfer them to and from the mobile device.

Critics' Choice: Smartphone Review Roundup of Droid 2

As the open source mobile platform Android makes huge gains in the market, we take a look at what the reviewers are saying about the Droid 2 based on hands-on evaluations.

Review: Three iPad Accessories for Mobile Computing

Are Apple's iPad Keyboard Dock, iPad Camera Connection Kit and iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter worth the investment? Our hands-on evaluation highlights how these iPad hardware add-ons perform mobile computing tasks.

Mobile Management Software: Using AirWatch Enterprise Package to Oversee Smartphones

This comprehensive review highlights key features of AirWatch Enterprise Package, which helps mobile IT provision, track and enforce policies on iPhones, Android handsets and Windows Mobile devices.

Review: Citrix Receiver for iPad

Coupled with Citrix Xen technology, Citrix Receiver makes it easy for iPad owners to securely access their corporate Windows applications and desktops on the go.

Preview Primer: Hands-On with Windows Phone 7

Key points reviewers are making about Windows Phone 7 based on prototype evaluations, as well as insight on if WP7 is enough to rescue Redmond's mobile division.

Smartphone Review: BlackBerry Bold 9650

The latest BlackBerry from RIM comes with a trackpad and excels in call quality, e-mail, messaging and overseas connectivity for mobile office workers.

Critics' Choice Review: Despite 'Consumer Reports' Dis, iPhone 4 Still Best Smartphone?

Our comprehensive roundup of evaluations of the iPhone 4 based on tech reviewers' hands-on experience with the mobile computing device.

Review: Top Six Features of Microsoft Office Mobile 2010

We review the key features of the new Microsoft Office Mobile 2010, because though the Kin's been kicked to the curb, the legacy of Windows Mobile 6.5 is still very much alive.

Notebook Review: Mobile Computing with the Dell Vostro 3400 Notebook

Mobile IT looking for a powerful notebook for mobile office workers should consider the Dell Vostro 3400.

Critics' Choice: HTC Evo 4G Smartphone Review Roundup

The new HTC Evo 4G smartphone earns kudos, but reviewers still have some concerns. Read what the industry is saying based on hands-on evaluations of the new mobile device.

Mobile Security Review: Kanguru's Affordable Thumb Drive Protection Offering

Mobile security covers more than smartphones and laptops. We evaluate the Kanguru Remote Management Console Cloud Edition, an affordable way to protect data on thumb drives.

Critics' Picks: Top 5 Netbooks Based on Review Roundup

We look to see which mobile devices landed on the most top 5 lists and/or earned high ratings in their categories from more than one reviewer. How are netbooks faring after the iPad debut?

iPad App Review: iWork Ready for Mobile Computing Prime Time?

Our reviewer provides a detailed evaluation of the franchise productivity mobile app from Apple, the iWork iPad app, to determine if it can handle mobile computing for the enterprise.

Wireless Network Security Review: CACE Pilot

In this comprehensive review, CACE Pilot, which cuts large-volume traffic captures into smaller data sets for easier evaluation, is tested on wireless networks and LANs.

Notebook Review: Toshiba Tecra A11 is Terrific Mobile Computing Device

Our comprehensive review gives this Toshiba notebook high marks in features, performance and value.

Critics' Choice Review: HTC Incredible Dubbed 'Best Smartphone'

The HTC Incredible goes on sale today on Verizon as reviewers rave about the Android handset in our consensus smartphone review roundup.

Choosing the Best Smartphone for Business

Our comprehensive evaluation of the top contenders -- BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Android handsets -- will help mobile IT select the best smartphone for mobile computing.

Critics' Choice: Review Roundup of iPad as Enterprise Mobile Computing Device

Apple's handheld computer can be a productivity device for the mobile office -- with limitations, according to a consensus of reviews.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Review for Mobile IT Managers

Read our comprehensive evaluation of the new Lenovo ThikPad Edge series to see if the new line of laptops fits into your mobile management strategy.

Nexus One Review: Fast, Loaded with Features But Enterprise Ready?

Google's Nexus One is an impressive smartphone, but is it a good fit for the enterprise as a mobile computing device?

iPad Review: Can the Multimedia Mobile Device Handle the Job?

In a hands-on evaluation of Apple's hot new mobile device, Avi Greengart of Current Analysis weighs in on the question of whether the iPad can become a true handheld computer for the enterprise.

Critics' Choice: Top 5 Ultraportable Laptops for Mobile Computing

If you want to outfit your mobile office with a high-performance, compact laptop, we can help with our mobile IT buyers’ guide to the best, most portable laptops on the planet.

Critics' Choice: Top 5 Budget Laptops

Mobile IT managers who need to stretch their mobile computing budgets can use our reviewer guide to the best laptops for under $800.

Review: Mobile Network Security Using Motorola AirDefense

Our reviewer takes this mobile network protection tool for a test drive to evaluate how well it safeguards enterprise wireless systems.

Top 10 Mobile Applications for Busy Mobile Managers

A list of 10 cool mobile apps for BlackBerrys, iPhones and Android smartphones.

Biz Pundit: Top 10 Online Collaboration Enterprise Apps

The pros and cons of 10 Web-based online collaboration apps that are aimed at workgroups and project management.

Notebook Review: Acer TravelMate 8471

Acer's new enterprise notebook is the perfect mobile device -- not too big, not too small (14.1 inches), not too heavy (just 4.4 pounds), and not too short on battery life (six hours plus). It's a machine not to miss.

Critics' Choice: Top 5 Smartphones

How do the mobile tech titans stack up in the smartphone smackdown? See where Apple's iPhone, Google's Nexus One, Motorola's Cliq and Research In Motion's Bold 9700 and Verizon's Droid rank according to industry watchers.

Critics' Choice: The Top 5 Netbooks

A buyer's guide to the best netbooks on the market today.

Review: HTC Hero Sports Slick User Interface

The HTC Hero boasts an innovative user interface, but there's even more to love in this Android-powered smartphone.

Review: Can the Pre Bring Palm to Profitability?

Palm's first release running on the company's new webOS platform debuts.

Review: Motorola Droid Delivers on Android Promise

Does the Motorola Droid from Verizon Wireless live up to the hype? We highlight the pros and cons of this seminal Android-powered handset.

Analyst: Nokia's N900 Smartphone Half-Baked

Is the Finnish mobile maverick's high-end handset doomed to fail?

Review: Iomega eGo BlackBelt

A bounce belongs in your step not in your data. The shock-absorbing eGo Blackbelt protects your data from the daily rigors of a mobile life.

Review: Notebook Gear - Logitech Cordless and Backlit Keyboards

One's cordless. One's backlit. Once you get your hands on either, you won't want to let go. We test Logitech's lowest, flattest PC keyboards and find the most precise, responsive typing feel we've ever encountered -- which makes us willing to overlook the fact that the one labeled "for notebooks" has nothing in particular to do with notebooks.

Review: Nokia N96 & N85

As Apple and BlackBerry command headlines with gorgeous touch-screen phones, and Palm readies the Pre, the shining knight which might ride in to save the company, Nokia adds just a bit more flash to its N-series phones. But not a lot. While it's beefing up the multimedia features, this line still comes across as somewhere between business and pleasure.

Review: Samsung Omnia

The Samsung Omnia (also known as the SCH-i910), is a slick touchscreen phone that fits in a pocket. It's hugely appealing, with its 5 megapixel camera and accelerometer, but not quite perfect.

Review: Samsung Gravity - A Solid Mobile Messenger

More isn't always better, and if you're looking for a bargain cell phone on the lowest-priced carrier, the Gravity is a solid way to go.

Review: Griffin TuneBuds Mobile & SmartTalk

One is a stereo headset for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPod, while other is an adapter that turns any headphone into a headset. Both feature a noise-canceling microphone.

Review: BlackBerry Storm - RIM's Touchy-Feely Smartphone

The BlackBerry Storm was badly bruised by reviewers soon after its release. So much so you might expect it to be the worst product of 2008. But the Storm is far from that—especially after a much-needed and welcome software update.

Review: Motorola Rokr E8

Rokr E8 is a sleek, multi-purpose phone that delivers excellent audio playback—the best we've heard since the iPhone 3G. It is well worth a look for music lovers, in spite of its gimmicky backlit touchpad interface.

Review: Samsung Saga, LG Incite & HTC Fuze

These three smartphones all run on Windows Mobile, but provide completely different user experiences. We'll help you find the one that's right for you.

Review: Lenovo's S10e Linux Ideapad

People have been wanting something like a netbook ever since we can remember, even way back in the last millennium. But hardware costs made them unattractive. Now we're tripping over netbooks every time we turn around, and have a wealth of attractive choices. Here, we take the Lenovo Ideapad, loaded with SUSE Linux, for a test drive.

Review: Simulscribe - Read Your Voice Mail

Service transcribes voice messages and sends the text, embedded in an e-mail or SMS, to an address or wireless phone number you specify. Simulscribe could be a real boon to push e-mail users.

Review: Lobstertunes - Stream PC Audio to Smartphone, Rock Lobster Style

Stream your music collection from your desktop to a Internet-connected Windows Mobile handheld or smartphone.

Review: Telmap MapQuest Navigator

Delivers turn-by-turn walking and driving directions to users of GPS-enabled smartphones; directs you to points-of-interest, such as gas stations, restaurants and landmarks, as well.

Review: iPhone 2.0 Software Upgrade

There's much to like about the 2.0 software upgrade, which adds a huge variety of features and programs to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Preview: Skyfire Browser for Windows Mobile

Beta of new Skyfire browser shows much promise towards bringing mobile browsing closer to parity with the desktop experience.

Review: Apple MobileMe

Now that the bugs are worked out, MobileMe delivers a smooth and seamless experience that makes using the service hassle-free for iPhone and iPod touch users.

Preview: Nokia's Files on Ovi Service

If getting remote access to your files - from a smartphone or desktop -- has been a problem, check out Files on Ovi while it's still free and see if this is the solution for you.

Overview: Lotus Notes Comes to the iPhone

IBM Lotus iNotes Ultralite is a web application that you access through the mobile Safari web browser on the iPhone.

Review: YouMail - Visual Voicemail for the Rest of Us

YouMail takes the visual voicemail concept pioneered by Apple for the iPhone and expands it to a wide variety of other cell phones and smartphones. It is an immensely useful service that can make your mobile voicemail extremely powerful and flexible.

Overview: Nokia N-Gage on Ovi

What a strange trip it's been for the N-Gage. Launched several years ago as a single taco-shaped game-playing phone, the N-Gage of today has a much broader purpose: it serves as the gaming section of Nokia's Ovi suite of online services, a group of tools that are available to an ever-growing list of smartphones.

Beejive's iPhone IM App Is Pushy

Even without its workarounds for the iPhone's push data limitations, BeejiveIM is a pretty good multi-network IM client.

Review: Egntye - Delivers Desktop to Smartphones

Egntye is a fantastically simple virtual file server targeted at small business owners. Setting it up takes only a few minutes, and we were impressed with the depth of the features.

Review: Qik - Quickly Share Mobile Video

With Qik, you can easily share video from your cell phone or smartphone with the world - and, surprisingly, it's a lot of fun.


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