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  • While most organizations agree information governance is critical for their business, a recent AIIM survey found 45% of respondents agree that the lack of information governance leaves their organization wide open to litigation and data protection risks. This is, in part, because the traditional technologies and strategies used to govern content weren't designed for today's collaborative, cloud and mobile environment. In this eBook, we'll introduce you to information governance – and how to jump start …

  • The traditional enterprise perimeter is quickly disappearing thanks to mobile devices of all shapes, sizes, and platforms, and users that rarely work in the traditional office environment. In this IT Roundtable video, Datamation editor James Maguire and a pair of network security experts discuss how organizations are meeting these challenges to protect their users and data, and how perimeter security will continue to evolve in the coming years.

  • Work is no longer a place -- it's just what you do. That's why progressive companies are re-wiring their workplace to adapt to a more mobile, social, and culturally diverse workforce. Discover 5 ways to prepare for what's next.