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  • This case study will highlight the opportunity for mobile and cloud technologies in the Public Sector—specifically for state, local and federal government agencies -where secure mobile application access can offer key productivity gains

  • The unprecedented growth of unstructured data, due in large part to the explosion of mobile and social platforms, is completely changing what you need from a storage solution. This "IDC Technology Spotlight: Next-Generation NAS Tackles File-Based Storage," explores the trends that are influencing storage requirements and identifies what to look for in a NAS solution to address evolving data demands. Find out how to avoid common mistakes that can restrict performance and scalability and drive up complexity and …

  • The access management market has evolved beyond supporting traditional web applications to support mobile applications and APIs, as well as adding contextual and adaptive access features. Vendors offering an IDaaS option outnumber those that don't, and now there are more choices than ever.