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  • As enterprises mobilize business processes, more and more sensitive data passes through and resides on mobile devices. The importance of mobile security is obvious, but getting a grip on it can be tough. If you have gaps in your approach to mobile security, you're not alone – and there are enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions designed to address each major challenge. This white paper provides an overview of the key issues you need to be on top of right now to protect your organization, its …

  • The access management market has evolved beyond supporting traditional web applications to support mobile applications and APIs, as well as adding contextual and adaptive access features. Vendors offering an IDaaS option outnumber those that don't, and now there are more choices than ever.

  • The software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) has emerged as the solution for enterprises embracing cloud computing as a means to realizing digital transformation. In this IDC brief, learn why the need for SD-WAN will be even greater than the need for SDN in the data center, especially when an organization's application profile is migrating toward public cloud services and where customer engagement is most valued.