Tip: Pocket Express Aggregates Smartphone Content

Still haven't fallen in love with a mobile-web-access tool? It seems there's no shortage of developers who have ideas for making your mobile Web experience faster, easier, sleeker or just more fun. Pocket Express, long available from Handmark, is one such tool.

Pocket Express is an on-device portal that you customize for the news, sports, weather and travel information you want to keep tabs on. It's free and works on most smartphones (including Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm OS and the iPhone) and many feature phones, through Java and brew support.

Organizational tabs segregate your main page view from other categories such as Extras. When viewing a tab, you get a grid of icons you can select for quick access to that page. It will save and customize search information, too, so if you're often checking flight status for arrivals at a certain airport, that airport code will come up.

Earlier this week, Handmark acquired FreeRange Communications with the aim of expanding Pocket Express with the the other company's publishing platform. Major media outlets—the The Wall Street Journal, CBS, and the Associated Press, for example—use FreeRange's platform to mobilize mobile content.


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