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Quickly glancing at your inbox on a smartphone ought to get you the most important information. Often, the time a message arrives is pertinent, but an e-mail inbox in Windows Mobile won't always give you that. To change the settings so you can see the arrival time, or the order in which messages get displayed, follow these steps:

From the account inbox, press Menu-->Tools-->Options-->Display-->Show Date and Time. Click the box to select.

From the same screen, you can change whether messages are sorted by date received, sender, subject or message type and whether they're shown in ascending or descending order. You can also specify what you want to see after deleting a message: the next message, previous message or message list.

More Windows Mobile E-Mail Options

Windows Mobile offers a range of options for managing your e-mail account(s). For example, from an inbox, press Menu-->Tools-->Options and you'll see a list of six categories, plus "other". Whenever you make changes, be sure to click "done" to save them.

1.) Display: determine what you want to see when you open an account. (NOTE: link to tip above, "Windows Mobile E-Mail Display")

2.) Sending: here you check or uncheck boxes for including the original message in your replies to an e-mail and saving copies of sent items.

3.) Signatures: lets you specify a sig file for your different accounts.

4.) Account Settings: after selecting the account, you can review the setup fields such as how to display your name, what your incoming and outgoing servers are and what your e-mail password is. This is also where you tell it how often to check for e-mail, how many messages to download, whether you want them in HTML or plain text format and what maximum size you're willing to have downloaded.

5.) New E-Mail Account: when you're ready to set up another address

6.) Security Settings: deceptively, this options just has one check/uncheck box that says "Warn before navigating to a URL or file link that is not on my device."

If you select Other, you're given two final choices: "Display accounting picker when opening Messaging" which lets you specify which e-mail account to open and "Warn when deleting messages in the list." These are both simply check/uncheck a box options. Click Done to save a change.


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