Tip: BlackBerry — How to Escape from the Word Mole

The graphics on some of the new BlackBerry models are so vivid they can turn a nongamer into an addict. Take Word Mole, which is bundled on some recent RIM smartphone models, for example: What a beautiful interface for a fast and fun word game.

But, as if playing the game isn't addictive enough, BlackBerry makes it tough to steal away. Pausing your game—stopping the clock as it were—is simple enough, close the Pearl Flip and when you open it you're prompted to resume or quit. On the Bold, press the Menu button while you're playing to pause and press it again to resume playing (unless you select Save Game, Game Options or Quit Game).

But what if you just want to switch over to check your e-mail quickly?

Normally, you'd be able to select Switch Applications after pressing the Menu button. On the Flip, that button does nothing. while on the Bold it will send you into a toggle between pause and resume.

Instead, press one of your convenience keys. When the preset application opens (such as the camera), you can press the menu key, select Switch Applications and get to where you want to be. When you're done checking the time or reading your email, switch back to Word Mole. But do try to get some work done…


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