Tip: BlackBerry Flip — Access Contacts Quickly

For a quick visual way to identify your favorite people, most frequently called clients or other recipients of phone calls from the BlackBerry Pearl Flip, personalize the T-Mobile MyFaves icons on your home screen.

Here's how:

From the home screen, roll the track ball to select a bubble icon. Select either Create New or Get From Contacts.

Create New-->enter name and phone number. Then, you can specify an icon to identify the contact as well as a specific ringtone distinct from your regular one and even personal information such as birthday or anniversary. When you create a MyFaves you will be prompted to say whether you'd like to add that contact to your address book.

Get From Contacts-->Brings up a list of your contacts. Those already set to a MyFaves icon have a mini-icon next to them. Scroll to select a contact. Any information already entered via the Contacts application will appear. Enter anything more you want to add.

After you make changes, be sure to select Save from the menu.

Now, the MyFaves screen will show the icons you've selected and when you click on one you're prompted to select Call, Send Email, Send SMS Text, etc. There's even an activity log, which will list for you all the times you've called the person, received a call from him or her and sent or received emails with that person.



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