Tip: BlackBerry — Grab Screen Images With Capture It

A new download is available for capturing whatever you’re looking at on your BlackBerry and turning it into an image. The app, called Capture It by TechMogul, can be downloaded directly to your BlackBerry or synced from a desktop.

Here's how to get Capture It:

From your BlackBerry: Point your BlackBerry's browser to www.thetechmogul.com/CaptureIt/CaptureIt.jad to download over the air. From your Desktop: Download the software from www.thetechmogul.com/index2.html and then transfer it to your BlackBerry.

To use Capture It, assign the program to a convenience key on your BlackBerry:

  • Settings-->Options-->Screen/Keyboard
  • highlight the right or left side "convenience key opens" option
  • from the pull-down list choose Capture It
  • then when you press the escape key be sure to save your changes.
  • Now, whenever you want to capture the screen you're viewing, simply press the convenience key you've assigned.


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