Tip: When Typing's All About the Thumbs

Forget the expression "all thumbs" as a negative: If you're coordinated with the digit that opposes your fingers (and distinguishes you from other mammals), then a pull-out QWERTY keyboard may be just the smartphone feature for you. Holding a sliding unit, such as the Verizon XV6800 or SMT-5800, Sprint Mogul, and AT&T Tilt, positions your thumbs perfectly to do the heavy-lifting of typing.

Obviously, bigger thumbs will be more apt to hit accidental keys. But for small thumbs, especially, holding the unit with fingers behind and clutching and thumbs poised for typing is comfortable and efficient. Practice a few phrases this way, then re-arrange your hands and see if you can match or beat the pace and comfort with your fingers.

If you're resting the device on a table top or other steady surface, your fingers may give your thumbs a run for the money. But chances are, whenever you're on the go, you'll get the best results from your thumbs.

And, women, listen up: while too much industrial design is scaled and tested for the average male body, it's surely women's hands that have the advantage here!


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