Tip: Windows Mobile — Turn Your Smartphone Into a Remote

You can use a Windows Mobile device as a remote to control your computer. Here's a step-by-step with a Moto Q, other handhelds may vary slightly.

1.) Turn on Bluetooth on your computer and your phone.
2.) On your phone, choose Start'Applications'Bluetooth'BT PC Remote.
3.) Press Add
4.) On your computer, right-click the Bluetooth icon and from the menu select Bluetooth Setup wizard.
5.) Check that you know the service you want and you want to find a Bluetooth device that provides that service. Click Next.
6.) Select Human Interface Device and click Next.
7.) When your computer sees the Moto Q, select it and click Next.
8.) Enter a passkey code if prompted and press Accept.

A key map will appear on your phone to guide in using it as a remote. This is a great way to step away from your computer during a PowerPoint presentation or to sit back and enjoy streaming video without hunching over the machine each time you want to issue a command.


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