Tip: Samsung Epix — Using the Camera/Camcorder Features

To quickly access the Samsung Epix's camera and camcorder, press the camera key on the keypad, it's next to the right on the bottom row.

To switch between camera and camcorder, use the right soft key to select the Menu, then select Mode and choose between camera and camcorder. Use either the camera key on the keypad or the touch pad to start and stop video recording and to snap photos.

After you shoot a still, an arrow icon appears on the screen. Tap it to rotate your image.

If you wish to send your photo or video, after shooting press the right soft key for the menu and select "Send Multimedia Msg." Then either enter a phone number or select a recipient from your contact list. Type a message if you wish and then tap Send.

From the menu that you access after taking a photo or shooting a video, some other options you can select include Set as Background and Set as Caller ID.


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