Tip: Samsung Epix — Opening Data Doors With Wi-Fi

The Windows Mobile-run Samsung Epix is the first smartphone available in the U.S. with a built-in optical mouse. It is the heir to the Samsung BlackJack and BlackJack II.

The Wi-Fi radio on a cell phone or smartphone expands your data use options by giving you Internet access where there's Wi-Fi but no cell service. Also, this feature can help reduce your data fees, depending on your plan and how often you can switch from cell to Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning you may opt to use Wi-Fi even in places where cell reception is just fine.

To turn on the Wi-Fi, on a Samsung Epix, pull down Start->Settings and click the Connections tab. Open Wi-Fi. Soon, the box will list available Wi-Fi networks. Select the one you want to use and as prompted, enter the network code. You could connect and be able to use email and a web browser right away.

If you have used Wi-Fi already and want to return to a session, you can choose Wireless Manager from the Connections tab, and you should only need to turn the Wi-Fi on to prompt it to connect. But, if your Epix doesn't bring up any Wi-Fi networks, you'll get an error saying no data service is available.

Here's what you need to do:

Click on the wireless icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. The balloon that comes up with have a link back to the Wireless Manager. Click that. Make sure that your Wi-Fi is turned on and then when you click on it, it should attempt again to connect.

It will bring up a window with a list of available connections. You can then choose either one you know has public access or one for which you have a passcode.

Thereafter, whenever your Wi-Fi is turned on, it should automatically connect to the last Wi-Fi network it used. But because wireless connectivity can be spotty, you may find you have to go through this connection process manually, we found this to be the case especially where multiple Wi-Fi networks overlapped.


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