Tip: Getting Election Results With Your Mobile

Many organizations are offering various options for mobile users, here are some of them:

For breaking news alerts from the New York Times, including major results, text "NEWSALERTS" to 698698. You can even get local results wherever you are. Text "ELECTIONS [your zip code]" to 698698.

For text alerts from NBC News text "elex" to 622639.

The AP Mobile Election Results service (mer.ap.org) is supposed to make nationwide election results available to all mobile devices, but on Election Eve we weren't able to open the site. It's probably worth checking, though, as the Associated Press should be well-poised to push national data.

Verizon Wireless customers can use the carrier's V CAST services to watch election results. Users with Mobile TV-capable phones can access live Election Day coverage on the following V CAST Mobile TV channels: NBC2GO, CBS Mobile, ABC News NOW. There will also be clips on V Cast Video in the Election 2008 category. Look for content from the same three TV networks.

Also, many local elections offices are offering text update services. Here's one example from Kansas. Visit your hometown's official election agency webssite to see if it's offering something similar.


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