Tip: Windows Mobile — Addressing COM Port Error With ActiveSync

If your mobile shows you the ActiveSync screen and then, instead of connecting, the ActiveSync icon turns red and you get a notice that it needs attention, there may be a problem with your COM port. The message tells you that your device can't connect to the computer because the COM port it uses is unavailable.

If you have another Bluetooth device connected to your PC, disconnecting it could resolve the problem. But, if you attempt to open ActiveSync manually (Start-->All Programs-->Microsoft ActiveSync) and it doesn't open, you're next step may be to reinstall.

We encountered this situation after restoring a PC system from back-up files following a hard drive replacement. Others have reported similar issues after installing new software.

To reinstall ActiveSync:
1.) close all programs on your PC
2.) Open Start-->Control Panel
3.) Double-click "Add or Remove Programs"
4.) Click on Microsoft ActiveSync
5.) Click Remove

Follow the prompts.

After the software has been removed, you can reinstall it either from the disk that came with your device or from this link. Restart your computer after the installation. Then connect your device via USB and ActiveSync should start right up and ask you to create a relationship between your computer and device. Follow the prompts and it will begin synchronizing shortly.


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