Tip: Windows Mobile — Spooky Sounds for the Season

Wishing your ringtone could better reflect what you're really focused on this time of year? Or just getting tired of the same old, same old? Microsoft Total Access offers Halloween themed ringtones including bats, ghosts, howls and more. You must be a Total Access registered user but then the tones are free.

To get them:
1.) log in to Total Access
2.) accept the terms
3.) download the file.

If you download to your computer rather than directly to your smartphone, you'll then need to sync your device and copy the new ringtone from your computer to your phone. If you download a ringtone on your handheld, after the download is complete the new file will show up in your list of ringtone options.

Get your friends to download the spooky tunes and imagine the fun you'll have with the neighborhood trick-or-treaters as you call each other on a dark and scary night.


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