Managing Mobility as a Business Imperative

Most firms, as they did ten years ago, do not view mobile devices applications and services as assets, according to this whitepaper by Ovum. But we are on the cusp of a major change.

"This is due to three crucial developments."

"• First, the current economic climate has created a business imperative. Mobile expenditure continues to rise in a corporate environment in which the CFO has been charged with scrutinising every cost line and finding savings;"

"• Second, suppliers are beginning to offer more comprehensive, more global managed mobility services, giving firms, for the first time, a real choice in how they approach managed mobility and procure the services they deem most important;"

"• Third, the perception of the handset as a device has changed. The increasing prevalence of smart phones as both consumer and enterprise tools is beginning to open CIO minds. More and more senior IT managers think of mobile devices as mini-computers, capable of providing remote employees with access to critical enterprise applications, not just messaging."