Review: Can the Pre Bring Palm to Profitability?

Palm pins its hopes on a come back on the signature Pre, running on webOS, the company's new mobile operating system. Our review of the new handset highlights features of the latest entry in the smartphone race and provides insight on what we can expect from Palm as it tries to climb back into the smartphone sector as a viable contender.

The Palm Pre, Palm’s “revolutionary” response to the Apple iPhone, has much to recommend it, including reasonably good Wi-Fi functionality. But the Pre requires a paradigm shift that some users might find irksome.

And Palm, like other smartphone makers, misses the boat on exploiting the product’s Wi-Fi capabilities to the full.

The Pre, which works on Dual-band CDMA2000 and 3G EvDO Rev A networks, claims revolutionary status mainly based on its in-the-cloud operating system, but the best-of-both-worlds physical form factor—iPhone-like touch screen interface plus slide-out QWERTY keyboard—is also pretty cool.

Pre is available from Sprint for as little as $150 with a two-year contract (after a $100 mail-in rebate) and from Bell in Canada for $200 CDN with a $45-per-month (or higher) three-year contract. We reviewed Pre on the Bell network.

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