MobileIron 2.0: Enlist Employees in Mobile Management

Mobile enterprise management firm MobileIron recently introduced version 2.0 of its software which adds features that provide more management control for both IT departments and the workforce they oversee as well as a platform for in-house, approved mobile apps.

MobileIron’s software, first unveiled in August, helps enterprise IT staff more easily monitor and control how employees use wireless voice and data services on a range of smartphones and mobile operating systems.

The first version allowed IT administrators to track workers’ mobile phone use in real time and set rules for the amount and type of data services used, among other services.

Version 2.0 adds three new components – MyPhone@Work for end users, an Event center for IT staff and a platform for creating an internal app store that enterprises can use to distribute approved mobile apps based on individual job functions of their employees.

It simultaneously supports Palm’s webOS, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry OS, Apple’s iPhone OS, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Nokia’s Symbian OS and will soon add Google’s Android OS to the list.

The goal of the MyPhone @ work service is to empower users to take more control – and accountability – in how they use wireless data and devices, MobileIron CEO Bob Tinker told EntepriseMobileToday.com.

“We wanted to set up a way for IT and end users to share in the responsibility, whether it’s security or enabling apps or managing costs, instead of IT having to be the cop, the sheriff, IT can be more like a mobile guide,” said Tinker.

Employees using MobileIron 2.0 will have access to threaded, searchable histories of their mobile communications, with continually updated views of their minute, text and data usage so they can adjust their behavior when close to costly spikes in their plans.

“The explosion of smartphones in the enterprise is being led by employees. IT has less visibility and control than desired, yet still retains all the accountability,” said Tinker. “As a result, many of our customers are evolving from a traditional ‘command-and-control’ approach to one that enlists the employee as part of the solution. However, this requires employees to have visibility and capability they don’t have today. With MobileIron Release 2.0, we are launching a new set of services to address this challenge and enable our customers to establish a culture of self-governance under IT guidance.”

The enterprise app store platform allows IT departments to create a place for sanctioned mobile apps that employees can download without worrying about whether or not the mini-programs jive with corporate policies.


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