Report: Windows Mobile 7 Delayed

With the smartphone sector experiencing unprecedented competition on all fronts, any delay of Microsoft's update to Windows Mobile spells bad news for Redmond. Still, if reports are true, version 7 of the company's mobile operating system may not arrive until late next year.

A Microsoft executive reportedly told a U.K. audience that the next major revision of the company's smartphone software, Windows Mobile 7, will be out this time next year.

The revelation came during a Q&A at the Connect! Technology summit in London in early December, according to several published reports, including one by Mobile News.

"When Apple came on to the scene a couple of years ago, it threw away the rulebook and reinvented it," Phil Moore, Microsoft's U.K. head of mobility, was quoted as having told the audience, complimenting Apple's development of a phone that was "very iconic ... with a very good user interface."

Windows Mobile 7 aims to "redress the balance," he added. However, it will take time to deliver, with Moore saying that the OS has been pushed back until late in 2010.


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