Skype for SIP Birthed From Limited Beta

Now that Skype's legal tussles are finally over, the VoIP maverick can make good on its promise to expand services for the enterprise. The latest effort sees the Skype for SIP offering opening up to public testing.

This spring, Web-based VoIP service provider Skype unveiled a new initiative that it said would allow businesses to place and receive domestic and international calls at Skype’s low calling rates.

Announced initially as a limited beta offering, Skype for SIP would forge connections between Skype’s global phone network and businesses with certain IP PBX systems.

The company now is declaring success in the limited beta and has opened up a public testing phase. Skype for SIP best is compatible with ShoreTel, SIPFoundry and Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series systems.

The initial release "allowed us to work very closely with our OEM PBX manufacturers who are integral to this, to work out all the technical glitches that come out in a beta and to test across multiple platforms across the globe," Matt Jordan, enterprise business development manager for Skype for Business told Enterprise VoIPplanet.


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