Palm's Next Big Move Put On Hold

Palm desperately needs the muscle of the nation's largest network to climb back to profitability with its new webOS ecosystem built around the Pre and Pixi, but initial tests of the Pixi on Verizon are stalling Palm's next big move in the wireless sector.

Palm has been forced to delay shipments of its Pixi smartphone to Verizon and thus delay the rollout due to problems when testing the phone on Verizon's network. That's the claim in the Chinese-language Commercial Times and picked up by DigiTimes, the Taiwan-based news site that publishes its news in English.

The news came from the Chinese perspective since Palm's (NASDAQ: PALM) manufacturing partner in China was adversely impacted. Compal Communications, maker of the Pixi, said it would ship only 600,000 phones in the fourth quarter of 2009 instead of the 800,000 units previously projected.

The reason for the delay cited is that the Pixi's software failed to pass tests conducted by Verizon Wireless, said the paper, causing shipments to Verizon to be delayed to the first quarter of 2010.

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Palm Pixi Verizon Debut May Be Delayed


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