Microsoft Shows Off Slate PC at CES

As rumors of an Apple tablet continue to circulate, the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Vegas with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showing off a "slate PC" during the keynote.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer kicked off the 2010 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show here Wednesday night by looking back at some of the software giant's biggest successes in 2009 and unveiling an HP-manufactured "slate PC" that will be available "later this year."

Long before Ballmer took the stage, the the word was out, but that didn't stop the overfilled audience at the Hilton Center from applauding and snapping their pictures as the, well, tablet-sized device was displayed running Kindle software for the PC.

While the tech world anxiously awaits Apple's own iSlate announcement next week, Ballmer and company provided scant specs on the nifty looking device, saying only that it would be available later this year and HP, Archos and another vendor will manufacture them.

"The last three decades have brought absolutely stunning changes," he said. "Today we take for granted stuff that was science fiction in the 1980s. We use touchscreen devices, we tweet, podcast, text and we Bing. And we Bing. And we Bing."

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