Kindle DX Jumps the Border

Amazon expands the Kindle empire by offering large-screen version overseas.

Fresh on the heels of a brisk holiday sales season, Amazon is planning to roll out the large-screen model of its popular Kindle line of e-readers to more than a 100 countries later this month.

The global launch of the Kindle DX, which made its domestic debut last May, follows the international roll-out of Amazon's (NASDAQ: AMZN) smaller e-reader in October.

With a screen of 9.7-inches, the oversize Kindle DX has more than twice the surface area of the original Kindle. Amazon markets the DX as an e-reader suited for business travelers, students or other consumers who would use the device for reading highly formatted content, such as newspapers or cookbooks.

Amazon has boasted that the Kindle line outsold all other products on its site this holiday season, claiming that for the first time consumers bought more e-books than printed editions.

But the company has refused to release specific sales figures for the Kindle, a longstanding policy that has stoked considerable curiosity throughout the industry and some frustration in the financial community.

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