Mobile and Wireless Dominate CES 2010

The Consumer Electronics Show this year was all about wireless and mobile. What does this mean for the future of desktops?

CES was back this year with a vengeance. Typically IT doesn’t care much about CES, but this year probably should be different: What CES launched will likely be coming in your front door in 12-18 months.

Much like it was in the ‘80s when, if you were watching, you could see the beginning of the end for the age of mainframes, CES this year represents the beginning of the end for most printers and PCs.

That earlier cycle took about a decade to really get going; I’m expecting this one to happen much more quickly – in something like three to five years this time. Google appears to be the lead platform beneficiary of this change. But they also appear to in the midst of a painful learning curve. So this outcome is far from certain.

The Beginning of the End of the PC Age

A lot of folks don’t remember when terminals effectively died. I can, as I was one of the folks trying to get rid of the damn things, both as a user and later inside of IBM.

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