Is it Hola for Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress?

Competing opinions on the possibility of saying "hola" to Windows Phone 7 in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress amp up the speculation of Redmond's next big mobile device play.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain is still nearly a month away, but impatience has triggered a feeding frenzy of hope and supposition when it comes to what Microsoft will be announcing at the show.

Depending on who you believe, the Redmond, WA software giant will either display its upcoming Windows Phone 7 -- a "completely different" new mobile operating system platform, as one Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) senior executive put it recently -- or it will show a fairly pedestrian offering that rumor mongers have been referring to as Windows Phone 6.6. (As of last summer, Microsoft began referring to its mobile operating system as Windows Phone.)

The first rumor, if true, could be the saving grace of Microsoft's stumbling mobile phone strategy. The second might be the death knell for a decade's worth of spending billions to play catch up -- and not very well -- against more nimble competitors.

And what does this all have to do with the rumored "Pink" ?

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