Mobile Device Management Made Easy

Mobile management software firm Good Technology acquired CloudSync, a mobile device management company, to expand its cloud-based services beyond smartphones to laptops, netbooks and ruggedized handhelds.

CloudSync, based in Denver, Co., allows enterprise mobile IT managers to deploy, manage, control, locate and support a wide range of mobile devices through a Web-based system. The services include a mobile device management console, a remote help desk application, Web-based access control and CloudLocate, a GPS-based location application, which gives IT managers a real-time view of all the mobile devices in a fleet, including their location.

"What we're seeing with the proliferation of platforms, is that enterprise prefers not to have multiple solutions for security and management. They want a single platform for visibility, security, and so on, for everything, Windows Mobile, laptops, iPhones, BlackBerrys, tablets and e-readers," John Herrema, chief marketing officer at Good Technology, told EnterpriseMobileToday.com.

"With CloudSync, now we have complementary services. For example, if you're in retail and ussing a ruggedized handheld for scanning, we can now support that, but we can also still offer secure messaging and collaboration on their other devices."

CloudSync supports Microsoft Windows mobile devices, Windows laptops and RIM BlackBerry devices, and combined with Good, will extend its support to iPhone, Android, Symbian and webOS devices in the coming months.

"The days of the single-device mobile enterprise are over. Businesses of all sizes are under pressure to support a rapidly expanding set of mobile devices, platforms and applications," Brian A. Bogosian, CEO of Good Technology, said in a statement. "Good Technology is committed to giving organizations everything they need to let their users securely connect and collaborate on whatever devices they choose. With CloudSync, Good simplifies and enhances mobile device management for companies of all sizes through a secure SAAS offering."

Secure Mobile Office, Online Collaboration

Good Technology also recently update its Good for Enterprise iPhone application with support for IBM Lotus Domino and Notes. The Good for Enterprise service provides secure enterprise-class messaging and collaboration, and in December Good added iPhone and Android support.

Since then, approximately 700 enterprises have deployed Good for Enterprise on the the iPhone, iPod touch, and multiple Android devices, including the Google Nexus One, Droid by Motorola and HTC Hero, according to the company.

"We continue to see tremendous demand for iPhone and the newest Android devices from our enterprise customers," said Herrema. "The key for enterprises is to bridge the gap between the security and control that IT requires and the great user experience and device choice that end users demand. Adding support for IBM Lotus Domino and Notes to Good's iPhone application allows even more enterprises to bridge that gap with Good for Enterprise."

Good's iPhone application provides mobile security and management including remote wipe capabilities, on-device data encryption and the ability to manage all devices from a single, Web-based management console.


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