Apple iPad Aimed at Mobile Enterprise

Apple's newest mobile Internet device, the iPad, could be bigger than the iPhone -- and almost certainly will grab a huge share of the enterprise market, due to the online collaboration ability, large screen, chic design and price point.

After enormous hype, Apple unveiled its latest creation – The iPad. While tech pundits and Apple fans seems to be divided over whether this new device is a WIN or a FAIL, one thing is clear: Apple is making a clear grab for several poorly defended market segments.

It’s a bold move, and one that could make the iPad a bigger than the iPhone.

Before I go on, let me first address why I think that pundits and Apple fans are divided over the iPad, whereas most seemed to supportive of the iPhone. It comes down to knowns and unknowns.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone, the emphasis was on the phone side of the device. Yes, the platform for apps was embryonic, but the iPhone was still a known – a smart phone with web and email built in. People were happy with that and concluded that the iPhone would be a success almost purely based on the fact that it as an Apple branded phone.

The iPad is different. There is no real comparison to it, and that makes people uncomfortable and nervous. While they want Apple to be innovative, at the same time they want the company to do things that are normal and predictable. The iPad is neither of those things.

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iPad Could Grab Huge Share of the Enterprise Market


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