Is AT&T on Tap for Next Nexus One?

Could the next version of the Nexus One, Google's self-branded, unlocked smartphone, be coming to the nation's No. 2 carrier? FCC filings suggest that may be the case.

HTC, the Taiwanese builder of the Nexus One smartphone and a variety of other Android-based phones, has submitted documentation to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that point to signs of a new and possibly different Nexus One phone for the A&T network.

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) sells the HTC-made phone under its own brand name. Thus far customers have had two choices: buy a phone with a two-year contract on T-Mobile's smaller network for $179, or buy an unlocked phone for $529 and use it on AT&T's older, EDGE network.

At the launch of the Nexus One in January, Google executives said they had plans to offer a phone for Verizon later this year. Verizon, however, is a CDMA-based network, as is Sprint Nextel.

The paperwork filed with the FCC clearly indicates that tests have been done on a GSM network. Only AT&T has that kind of network in the U.S. Despite the moaning from iPhone users about poor network performance, AT&T (NYSE: T) does have a much larger network than T-Mobile.

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