Biz Pundit: Top 10 Online Collaboration Enterprise Apps

Web-based online collaboration apps from software-as-a-service vendors has been a hot trend for some time now, as they offer project managers and groups of workers an affordable, flexible way to interact in real-time. But with the proliferation of options it's hard to know which ones to choose for your enterprise.

Drea Knufken, senior writer, at BusinessPundit.com, just issued a top 10 list of the best online collaboration tools for businesses of all sizes. She highlights the pros and cons of each enterprise application and provides pricing, as well as links to other reviews.

The roster includes, from No. 10 to No. 1, the following: SocialCast; Zoho Projects: PBWorks; Onehub; CentralDesktop; SocialText; WizeHive; CubeTree; Basecamp; and OfficeMedium, which is based on the open-source content management platform Drupal.

Some of the apps in the list are well-suited for project management, such as No. 2 Basecamp, writes Knufken, while others focus on integrating social networking tools into the enterprise, as No. 3-ranked CubeTree does. She goes on to say that CentralDesktop is a good fit for very large companies and includes features for database creation, in addition to audit trails and the usual task management and online document collaboration.

The top-ranked OfficeMedium includes social networking features without making them the core tool set, and also offers event coordination, file sharing and storage, task management, contact information management, personal and group calendars, private messaging and more, according to Knufken.

Read the full review of the top 10 online collaboration enterprise apps at the BusinessPundit site.


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