Top 10 Mobile Applications for Busy Mobile Managers

Mobile applications come in all sorts of flavors -- some are designed to help smartphone users be more productive while other mobile apps are all about entertainment. But with so many available, how do you know which ones are worthy? Here we outline 10 winners in the mobile computing space. BlackBerry OS apps are represented, naturally, but there's also some for iPhones and Android-powered handsets.

The handheld is becoming the desktop. That’s the reality of today’s mobile workforce and, increasingly, we all need ready access to our networked world from handheld wireless devices and this means CIOs, too.

The good news is the flurry of new apps that continue to avalanche into the marketplace on multiple platforms. But, in this abundance, arises the need to be picky?apps-overwhelm is an all too easy place to find oneself. So, what apps do you really need now? Read on for an edited, but in-no-particular order (although the two at the top get my vote), selection of 10 apps that deserve a place on your mobile phone.

Preference is given here to BlackBerry apps because most of you carry RIM devices but there also are some Android, Windows Mobile, even iPhone apps sprinkled throughout the catalog. So, without further ado, the winners are:

BlackBerry PowerPoint Presenter - You'll need an add-on gadget, the Bluetooth BlackBerry Presenter ($199), but when you are properly set up, this combo lets you present PowerPoint shows directly from a BlackBerry. How high-tech is that?!? And, face it, a CIO has to show a little razzle-dazzle in meetings. This is the ticket.

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