50 Magnificent Free Windows Mobile Apps

With all the success of the Apple iPhone and its related mobile applications, it's easy to feel left out of the mobile download craze if you use Microsoft Windows Mobile. Don't fret: there are still lots of free Windows Mobile apps out there that will help you be productive and save money. Here's a list of 50 great ones.

Ah, the joy of free mobile apps...

Forget the iPhone with its incessant bragging about oceans of mobile apps available. If you've got a cell phone loaded with Windows Mobile, there are many mobile apps available for you as well. There might not be an "app for everything" since Microsoft has only about 15 percent of the amount of mobile apps Apple has available -- which Microsoft is trying to change with the new Windows Phone 7 Series.

But there are some great mobile apps to help you save money, time, patience, and to have fun. All from your mobile device that used to only be a phone.

Without further ado, here are 50 of the best free applications you'll find for the Windows Mobile platform, which is conveniently categorized but not necessarily in a prioritized order:

1) Skyfire Mobile Web Browser

Tired of web pages that don't load right on mobile phones? With this they'll appear just like they would on a PC, including Flash, Silverlight, and videos.

2) Opera Mobile Web Browser

Save favorite sites to speed dial, sync bookmarks with your desktop, and use tabbed browsing.

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