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HighJump Software Mobile Solutions

This mobile suite focuses on mobile sales, service and delivery, providing integrated mobile tools that enable users to uncover additional sales opportunities and better serve customers.

Operating systems: Microsoft Windows Mobile and Microsoft Pocket PC

Top three benefits for enterprises:
1. Improves operational efficiency by helping employees achieve more in a shorter time period;
2. Reduces order and accounting errors as any transaction entered on a mobile device does not need to be re-entered; and
3. Improves customer satisfaction by enabling employees to process orders accurately and quickly.

Set up: Installs on a device.

Pricing: Prices start at less than $500 per route. Some installations are priced per route, while others are priced for an entire enterprise.

Lotus Notes Traveler

This is a push e-mail offering providing IBM Lotus Notes mobile users with quick access to their email (including attachments), calendar, address book, journal and to-do list.

Operating systems: It runs on Apple iPhone, Nokia Symbian devices and is compatible with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.1. IBM has also established carrier partnerships with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and Orange for support of Lotus Notes Traveler.

Top three benefits for enterprises:
1. Push e-mail for IBM Lotus Notes customers that provides two-way, over the air synching of mail, calendar and contacts;
2. Broad platform support; and
3. Extends the client options available to Lotus Notes.

Set up:Lotus Notes Traveler is a download available to people with a Lotus Notes license. Specific to the iPhone, Lotus Notes Traveler Companion is a no-charge download available via Apple's iPhone application store.

Pricing: Free

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