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Tip: Smartphone - How to Print Via Bluetooth

An adaptor can give you printer access via Bluetooth to a USB or parallel printer.

Customize Your Favorite Sony-Owned Tune into a Ringtone

Sony joins other major labels, and some independents, in reaching deal with mSpot to allow mobile users on major carrier networks to download and customize songs from the label's music vast library.

Rewards Networks Brings Mobile Dining Guide to BlackBerry, iPhone

Mobile app enables you to quickly database of participating Rewards restaurants.

Learn Algebra on a Smartphone

Students with donated HTC PPC 6800 Windows Mobile devices access supplemental math content through pilot project.

Shortcovers: Read Ebooks, No Kindle Required

Service aspires to be the smartphone alternative to Amazon's Kindle e-book reader.

Tip: Smart (Phone) Mobile Home Buying

If you're a smartphone user, you know how valuable a tool it can be. Make sure your agent has one too.

Tip: Windows Mobile — How to Use Your XV6800/Mogul on a Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi is particularly handy when you're deep inside a concrete building or when you're in a remote place where cell towers are sparse.

Tip: Smartphone — Free Topographical Maps

Free mapping software from Fugawi Touratel relies on cell phone towers rather than GPS to determine location.

Tip: Smartphone — Happy (Jewish) New Year

Since the Jewish holidays occur according to the lunar calendar, it's not always easy to predict when they'll fall. To keep track, try downloading a Jewish calendar for your smartphone.

Tip: How to Clear Everything From Your Windows Mobile

When you're ready to pass that old smartphone device down to your eager teenager, or you've been asked to hand it in to your company's IT department, you're going to want to remove all your own data.

Tip: Changing BlackBerry SIM Cards

How you remove a subscriber identity module (SIM) card and swap it between compatible mobile phones varies from device to device, even among BlackBerry wireless handhelds and smartphones.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Spooky Sounds for the Season

Microsoft Total Access offering free Halloween themed ringtones.

Tip: How to Weather the Economic Downturn, Mobile in Hand

Save money by either dropping your landline or drastically reducing services.

Always Wanted to be a Mobile Movie-Maker?

Multimedia processor, developed by Irish start-up, promises to make video post-production possible on a smartphone.

App Turns BlackBerry Storm into an Etch-A-Sketch

Download StormSketch and use your fingers to draw on smartphone's touch screen. When you're ready to erase, just give the device a little shake.