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Android Sales Jump 866 Percent Annually; Nokia Keeps Lead

Competitors are closing in on the one-time king of smartphones, but it still has a sizable lead in one major mobile device market.

RIM Opens Beta of App World 2 with Credit for Mobile Download Buys

Announcement comes days before a big event where the BlackBerry 9800 and BlackBerry OS 6 are also expected.

Tests Show iPhone 4 Hit Hardest by 'Death Grip'

As Apple has pointed out, other phones lose signal strength when held a certain way. But the iPhone suffers the most.

Apple Looking Into iOS 4 Performance Problems on 3G Phones

Amid widespread complaints dating to the launch of the iOS, Apple is now looking into the iPhone 3G's performance problems.

Is RIM Planning a 'Bold' New Launch with 9800, BlackBerry 6?

The company is planning an event next week that could include the rollout of a new BlackBerry and OS 6 operating system. Will it be enough to head off competition from iPhone and Android devices?

iPhone Trumps Other Smartphones in User Satisfaction

Despite the iPhone's lead in customer satisfaction, smartphones running the mobile Linux OS Android are poised for huge gains, according to Yankee Group.

What's Behind the White iPhone 4 Release Date Delay?

No explanation for white iPhone 4 delays is in Apple's official statement, which puts conspiracy theorists into overdrive.

Will T-Mobile Score the iPhone Before Verizon?

A Mac blog says the two companies are in 'advanced talks,' but analysts aren't sold on the notion of the iPhone coming to T-Mobile.

New BlackBerry OS 6 Preview Focuses on Rich Media

With a long-awaited OS update approaching, RIM decides to show off features that we've never before seen on its mobile computing phones.

iPhone 4 Woes Spook iPhone Owners More Than Would-Be Buyers

A survey by IDC done at the height of "Antennagate" finds non-iPhone owners are more interested in the device than people who have one.

What's Behind HP's 'PalmPad' Trademark Application?

The rumors of a webOS-powered tablet are starting to look more realistic.

Why Does Apple Have a Verizon Tower on its Campus?

The off-hand comment by Steve Jobs gets the blogosphere worked up, but are we any closer to seeing a Verizon iPhone?

iPhone Competitors Challenge Steve Jobs' Antenna Defense

One of Apple CEO Steve Jobs's defenses was that other smartphones lose signal strength when held a certain way. But RIM and others counter that the iPhone's antenna problems are unique.

Motorola's Droid X is Popular Smartphone, Just Don't Mess With It

The jumbo-sized mobile Linux Android phone is already sold out, but modifiers beware: it could self-destruct on you.

Apple Offers Free Bumper Cases for iPhone 4 Customers

After a lengthy rant against the media and demonstrating that other smartphones have signal-loss problems, Jobs makes the rubber case protectors a freebie.