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Mobile Cloud Computing: How to Secure Data

As the use of mobile devices in the enterprise soars, so does the deployment of mobile cloud applications. We offer a guideline for keeping mobile cloud data safe.

Qualcomm Adds M-Wallet Technology to Chips

Uses NFC technology to enable a contactless data exchange that's quick and secure when a devices' proximity is within close range.

Kingston Contest Engages Mobile Snapshooters

Memory card maker launches camera-phone contest to boost mobile marketing efforts.

UN Report: Mobile Phone Use High in Developing Nations

60 percent of the world's population now use cell phones.

SoftBank Offers iPhone for Free in Japan

It now costs you nothing (up front) to climb on the iPhone bandwagon in Japan. That is if you sign on the dotted line.

Asus P835 Smartphone Serves Up Wi-Fi Access Point

Smartphone can serve as a Wi-Fi hot spot for up to 10 devices, such as laptops or other phones.

Chat With Your TV on Your Phone

Mobui Audience Chat allows television broadcasters and studios to chat live with audiences on the air on their mobile devices.

Google: Paid Apps for Unlocked Android a No-Go

You can still purchase software from the Android Market for the T-Mobile edition of the first 'gPhone' however.

Phone Maker Nokia to Make Netbooks?

The netbook market may suit Nokia well. After all, it likes to call its smartphones "multimedia computers."

It's Official: Windows Mobile 7 to Come in 2010

Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones may not be available until the fourth quarter of this year, but now many users may skip it.

Report: Local Mobile Search to Grow 130.5 Percent by 2013

Kelsey also reports that the 54.5 million mobile Internet users in the United States comprise 25 percent of online users.

VMware Moves Ahead With Virtual Phone

Mobile Virtualization Platform allows mobile phones to run on multiple operating systems, such as Google Android, Linux, and Windows CE.

Antenna Delivers First IM App Designed for Enterprise

Software offers the security necessary for mobile workers, and is compatible with BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile smartphones.

iMeem Streams Music Content to Android Phones

'gPhone' users can upload songs to their iMeem.com account and play the songs on their handsets.

Microsoft Secures Stolen Smartphone

Redmond remotely eliminates latest mobile-device platform from missing smartphone