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Nokia Scoops Up App Analytics Startup Motally

Move signals new efforts to woo and assist developers with in-application usage tracking.

Apple Sets iPad Ship Date Amid Cheers and Jeers

Once the mobile device hits store shelves, will consumers bite? The industry waits to see if the iPad becomes Apple's next iconic handheld computer.

Skype's Mobile VoIP Comes to Nokia, Symbian

Nokia's Ovi Store for mobile downloads gets a full-featured Skype mobile app that supports calling over wireless data connections.

Apple Sues Nexus One Maker HTC

The iPhone maker heads to court in yet another patent dispute stemming from mobile technology.

HP Unwraps New Notebooks for Mobile Enterprise

HP today issued new models in its EliteBook and ProBook lines, offering mobile office workers lots of power in ultra-thin designs.

Google Preparing Unlocked, Android Smartphone?

More evidence surfaced lending credence to the rumor of an Android smartphone coming directly from Google.