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3G Glitches Zap Nokia's N5800 Smartphone

It's the latest problem to affect the current crop of high-speed smartphones.

Amazon Backtracks on Kindle Voice Feature

But differences over copyright implications still remain unsolved.

Clearwire Hanging Tough With 4G Plans

Sprint, Intel pledge ongoing allegiance but financial issues may test partner investor commitments.

BlackBerry Bold Too Hot to Handle in Japan

It seems that recharging Research in Motion's BlackBerry Bold can be a touchy issue.

Unlocked G1 Phones Blocked From Some Apps

A loophole in the Android dev program is now closed.

Nokia Seeks Volunteers for Cutting Labor Costs

Top mobile handset player avoids layoffs in lieu of new workforce approaches.

Yahoo Mobile Leader Jumps Ship

Corporate reshuffle could quick if more execs take leave before plans are announced.

Smartphone App Success Tied to Easy Discovery

Research firm says catalog size isn't as relevant as ease of use for mobile device users.

Kindle's Feeling Reviewers' Love

Just a few experts take issue with cost and are enamored with controversial audio feature.

Sprint Posts $1.6B Loss As Subs Exit

Third-place carrier is banking on Palm Pre to stem subscriber drain.

Social Networks Cozy Up to Smartphones

Move would eliminate preloading and software downloading for handset users.

BlackBerry BOGO: A Well Kept Secret

Verizon's got a buy-one-get-one free promotion for RIM smartphones, including the BlackBerry Storm, going on right now. The problem is the carrier's not exactly promoting the promotion.

New Kindle's 'Read to Me' Spurs Copyright Review

In converting text to voice an e-reader device is creating new digital content, according to publishing group.

RIM Trumps VeriSign in Certicom Bidding Battle

BlackBerry maker will walk away with the security vendor for $106.5M -- a purchase designed to help it win a greater share of the government market.