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Safeguard Mobile Devices with Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile Edition

Our review highlights key features of Symantec's new mobile security offering that allows mobile IT to configure and deploy security measures from a centralized administrator’s console.

Mobile Security for the iPhone with Trust Digital

Recognizing the exploding demand for mobile applications and the need for mobile security, Trust Digital developed a solution for mobile IT to deploy iPhones -- and manage them -- from one centralized location.

Mobile Security: A Surefire Laptop Encryption Strategy

Deploying hardware-based, self-encrypting drives for laptops can reduce mobile security risks.

Smartphone Security Basics for Information Officers

What should businesses do to protect their proprietary and sensitive information? In a nutshell, writes security expert Laura Taylor, there are three safeguards that IT needs to put into place at their organizations regarding smartphone security: controls, policies and training.

Tutorial: BlackBerry - FISMA Compliance for Government Agencies

All U.S. federal agencies are required to comply with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) of 2002. The PDA/smartphone of choice for the U.S. government is the BlackBerry. Therefore, understanding BlackBerry security controls, threats and vulnerabilities is essential.

Security: Plug Those Bluetooth Inspired Vulnerabilities

At the same time Bluetooth conveniently wirelessly connects PDAs and smartphones to a plethora of other devices, including desktop & laptop computers and headsets, the technology can open them up to mischief or worse.