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HTC Thunderbolt 4G Debuts on Verizon, Will Customers 'Get' It?

Verizon's first LTE handset comes out today on the heels of several impressive 4G smartphones on other carriers -- but do consumers know what 4G is?

RIM and Microsoft Partner Up to Bring Cloud Services to BlackBerrys, PlayBook

The two tech titans' joint venture will allow Office 365 cloud functionality to be ported on to RIM's mobile devices.

RIM Recommends Users Disable JavaScript to Protect BlackBerry OS 6 Handsets

After it was revealed that a mobile security vulnerability exists in the browsers of BlackBerry's running 6.0, RIM issues a security advisory.

Is Amazon the Answer to iPad Dominance in 2011?

The iPad 2 goes on sale today as more data comes out supporting its estimated 80 percent market share, though one analyst nominates Amazon as a potential foe.

Honeycomb 'Unstable, Poorly Designed' Says Analyst

Android 3.0, as tested on the Motorola Xoom, has a confusing UI and suffers from quality issues, says an analyst in a research note to clients.

Bogus Android Security Patch Discovered by Symantec

The security stalwart reports today that a fake Android security patch contains 'suspicious code.'

Apple Drops iOS 4.3 Ahead of Schedule

Faster Safari browsing, GSM hotspot functionality and improved video streaming come to Apple's mobile devices with update to iOS.

Android Ranks No. 1 in U.S. Mobile OS Market: comScore

Google's mobile OS Android dethroned Research In Motion's BlackBerry platform to lead the market for the first time in a comScore survey.

Google Uses Kill-Switch to Address Malware at Android Market

The Internet giant moves beyond removal of infected Android apps to fix malware outbreak at the Android Market.

Samsung Mulling 10-Inch Galaxy Tab Price Cut

The Korean electronics giant is re-evaluating the price and features of the new Galaxy Tab in the wake of the iPad 2 debut.

Apple Seeking Unlimited iTunes Downloads Across Mobile Devices

iTunes users may be granted unlimited downloads of purchased music to their family of Apple mobile devices, according to reports.

Why iPad to Grab 80% of Tablet Market: Analyst

We break down why the iPad 2 will help Apple retain its vaunted spot in the tablet market as well as update where the competition stands.

Egnyte Enterprise for iPad App Provides Secure File Sync and Share

The Egnyte Enterprise for iPad app offers secure, round-the-clock access to files along with complete file server user management capabilities.

Steve Jobs: iPad 2 Coming March 11 on Verizon, AT&T

Jobs presents faster, slimmer iPad 2 and calls 2011 "year of the copycats" as Apple's second tablet debuts before most competitors are out of the gate.

Tablets Are Future Cash Cows for Carriers: Report

Tablets and e-readers are poised to be big money-makers for wireless data carriers -- if they move to multiple-device data plans, according to one analyst.