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Tip: iPhone — Bluetooth Goes South with Software 2.1

iPhone user resolves problem pairing first-gen model with Bluetooth peripherals after firmware upgrade.

Part II: Things to Consider When Using the iPhone Outside the U.S.

Specific steps the author took to keep iPhone-usage costs down during a recent trip to Mexico.

Tip: iPhone — Listening to Public Radio

Most radio apps for the iPhone allow listening to formerly aired programs, much like a podcast. Not so with Minnesota Public Radio, which delivers three streams of audio in real time to listener’s Apple smartphones and iPod Touches.

Tip: iPhone — Melodis Releases Free Voice Dialer

Instead of scrolling through your address book manually, this new application allows you to find and call a contact using only the sound of your voice.

Tip: iPhone — Where Should We Go for Dinner?

Urbanspoon, an app for the iPhone, can help you decide.

An Introduction to Apple's MobileMe Service

MobileMe keeps email, contacts, appointments up-to-date between a Mac, and iPhone, iPod touch, and even a PC. That means if you make a change to an appointment or an address on your home computer, it will automatically appear on your iPhone and on any other computer you've set up.

Review: Case-Mate - Dress Your iPhone Up Naked

With the Naked Case from Case-Mate, it looks like your protected iPhone isn't in a case at all.