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Not so with the iPod touch. Due to the absence of cut and paste or auto complete, connecting to the Internet to take advantage of VoIP (or anything else for that matter) first entailed entering this long string. Every time. That's a potential showstopper: no business user is going to do that more than once. Faced with entering it every time they connect to the Internet they are bound to go back to making expensive cellular calls and letting the enterprise pick up the tab.

So how do the numbers stack up?

These are all very rough estimates, but if on a given trip you were to save two hours of outgoing call charges and one hour of incoming charges using VoIP, your organization could save over $300. A new Nokia E51 costs around $250, so kitting traveling staff with a phone like this could pay for itself on its very first outing.

Of course not everywhere is as expensive to call from as the Caribbean, but it doesn't take an accounting qualification to realize that running VoIP on a cell phone or smartphone has the potential to make some very significant savings for small businesses and large enterprises alike. And thanks to the high level of integration of VoIP in devices like the E51, it's a cost saving service that may actually be used.

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