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By contrast, the PTT service costs nothing to install, and just £1700 , or $2380 per year, in service costs. That's comprised of a £10 per user per month service charge, and about the same for network connection and data costs.

Since Barcelo UK recently refreshed its entire fleet of mobile phones, it was able to use the old ones --Nokia 6021 devices -- with data-only SIMs as PTT handsets for employees such as housekeeping staff. Reconditioned replacements, when they are needed, cost about £30 ($42). More senior staff use the Nokia E51 handsets they received during the equipment refresh for both cellular voice calls and the PTT service.

"We simply couldn't justify the cost of DECT handsets, and walkie-talkie radios are ugly, cumbersome and make a lot of noise —often you can't make out what is being said on them," says Thomas. "And in our hotels, which tend to be in historic buildings, cabling is very difficult, and eliminating deadspots is extremely expensive," he adds. "With PTT the sound quality is excellent --as good as a voice call -- and there are rarely any deadspots. What we pay now is a fraction of the costs of annual maintenance charge for a DECT system."

Perry is so impressed with PTT that the decision has been made to roll it out to 20 more Barcelo hotels over the next six months, with a total of 200 handsets due to be connected to the service throughout the country. He believes that the unlimited range of the PTT service will be a big benefit to the company, especially when it comes to contacting senior managers.

"The fact that we can contact senior managers nationwide using the system is a huge benefit to us," he says. "Normal radio systems would only work close to each hotel. With this system is doesn't matter if a senior manager is on duty in another hotel or even visiting our head offices in Spain -- if there is an emergency, we will be able to contact him or her instantly."

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