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Nokia N85
We actually prefer the curvy and compact N85, which includes most of the N96's best features but puts them in a smaller package.


The N85 measures 4.06 x 1.97 x 0.63 inches and weighs 4.52 ounces. It's more compact than the N96, but actually weighs a bit more, which puts it into the standard cell phone range.

Its shiny black exterior is more attractive than the N96's, but it lacks the sleek contouring of a fashion phone. The front slides up with the push of a thumb to reveal a standard keypad and slides down to reveal four media keys.


Below the 2.6-inch screen, the N85's front holds call start and stop buttons, a directional touch pad, and a button for calling up a 3D menu interface. Four other touch buttons-two soft keys, a menu button, and a erase/back button-are only lit when you're using the phone. At other times they remain unlit so that phone offers a sparser look.

The left side holds the microSD card and the right side holds volume buttons and the camera button, as well as a slider button for quickly locking and unlocking the controls. The power button, 3.5mm headphone jack, and charging connector are on the top.

Like the N96, this phone has a 5 megapixel camera with flash and a Carl Zeiss lens, which is excellent for a phone this size. We like that there's a lens cover, and that you only need to slide the cover open to activate the camera software.

Applications & Performance
You'll find strong entertainment options with the N85, including the ability to tap into Nokia's N-Gage gaming platform to download games and share scores. Using the video software, we were able to view and subscribe to various online video feeds, then view the selected videos on the screen. You'll get 78MB of available storage.

The FM player works when the included headphones are attached and easily tuned in local stations. The radio app displays artist and song information, which is handy to have. We were impressed by the quality of the camera's shots, as well as the variety of shooting options. This is a quad-band world phone with Wi-Fi, which we were able to set up in just a few minutes, and it also includes A-GPS mapping.


Like the N96, the N85 isn't available through any carriers in the U.S. If you'd like to own one, it's available from Amazon for $429.99, down from the $549.99 suggested price.

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