1 in 2 Own Smartphones, Have an Average of 41 Apps

Fifty percent of cellphone users own some kind of smartphone, an increase from last year when 38 percent of mobile subscribers had smartphones. That’s the headline finding from Nielsen’s 2012 survey of smartphone owners, released in time for the Appnation conference. The survey also revealed:

* The average number of apps per device was 41, compared to 32 in the 2011 survey.

* Android and iOS users are the largest percentage of smartphone owners, at 88 percent vs. 74 percent last year. There were 84 million Android and iOS users in 2012 vs. 38 million in 2011.

* Users are spending 81 percent of their smartphone time on apps vs. the mobile web, up from 73 percent last year.

* However, the proportion of time spent on the top 50 apps was 58 percent this year vs. 74 percent last year, suggesting users are looking beyond the top 50 for interesting apps.

* The top 5 mobile apps continue to be Facebook, YouTube, Android Market (now Google Play Store), Google Search, and Gmail.

* Not surprisingly, privacy is still a concern for most smartphone users—73 percent said so this year vs. 70 percent last year. We’re worried about our smartphones collecting personal data about us, and we’re not entirely comfortable sharing location status via smartphone apps.


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