An iPhone With a 3D Camera May Be in the Picture

An Apple patent filing discovered by Patently Apple shows Cupertino may be developing “a killer 3D imaging camera” for still and video photography. Meanwhile, rumors about what to expect in the iPhone 5 are starting to heat up (again).

According to the patent filing, the cameras Apple is developing would use depth-detection sensors such as laser, RADAR, and LIDAR to create 3D images. What’s more, the cameras will incorporate advanced chrominance and luminance sensors for enhanced color accuracy; facial recognition; and facial gesturing recognition.

Of course, just because Apple has filed a patent for 3D cameras doesn’t mean the company will incorporate that technology into a future product. And even if Apple does add 3D imagery, the technology might not show up in the next iPhone.

Speaking of which, the Los Angeles Times is reporting some of the latest iPhone 5 rumors. Among the expected features are:

* iPhone 5 production is expected to begin sometime in June. Then again, it might be fall.

* The next iPhone is likely to have a larger screen, anywhere from 4 to 4.7 inches (compared to the current 3.5 inches).

* A 4G iPhone 5 is pretty much a no-brainer.

* A quad-core processor, replacing the current dual-core chip.



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