Apple May Sell $799 MacBook Air, Rumors Suggest

DigiTimes reported today that Apple is considering releasing a $799 MacBook Air in the third quarter of 2012. The blog based its report on “sources from the upstream supply chain.”

Currently, Apple’s MacBook Air start at $999 for a model with an 11-inch screen and 64GB of flash-based storage.

Sources told DigiTimes that reducing the price of its MacBook Air would allow Apple “to continue to press its advantage” against ultrabook competitors. Ultrabook is a term loosely applied to Windows-based laptops that are designed to compete with the lightweight MacBook Air.

However, GigaOM makes a convincing argument that Apple isn’t likely to come out with a $799 MacBook Air. GigaOM points to the fact that ultrabooks, as a category, aren’t actually selling that well, while Apple’s $999 MacBook Air is doing “decent business” for the company.


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