BlackBerry App for Babies (And Stressed Parents)

Every parent with an infant has experienced the dreaded meltdown while in line at the grocery store, bank or some other public place. Your child starts wailing, refuses to be entertained with the jiggle toy you brought, but keeps swiping at your smartphone, while onlookers gaze on in sympathy -- or irritation.

But if you own a BlackBerry, you may have an alternative to stammering apologies while trying to comfort your child and simultaneously accomplishing the errand at hand. A new app called Super Baby Go! from Zeebu Mobile transforms that portable workhorse into an entertainment device, according to the company, which designs mobile apps for tiny tots.

Once you launch the app and give your BlackBerry to your child, he or she presses keys that prompt the screen to display audio and visuals. So, for instance, if you select “Letter Blocks,” and press a letter, it will appear followed by a voice saying the letter.

There’s also animal and number themed content included in the app, which will lock keys down so the child can’t place a call or send an e-mail. If you’re annoyed by the audio, you can set the app to just make a ‘boing’ sound effect.

The Super Baby Go! app is getting rave reviews at the BlackBerry App World store, with an average of four stars on a scale from one to five. You can try the app for free for a week. Drool protection, however, is not included.


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