Top 71 Free iPad Apps: Mobile Downloads for Business, Fun

Apple's hot new mobile device, the iPad, launched with a vast inventory of mobile applications in multiple categories, but if you need help selecting the very coolest free iPad mobile downloads, we've got the list for you.

A free iPad app is a cool thing. After all, you've already bought the pricey iPad -- shouldn't the apps be free? If the universe itself were totally cool (which, alas it's not always), all iPad apps would be free iPad apps. Okay, but just being a free iPad app isn’t enough. (In fact there are hundreds of free iPad apps.) It’s the cool apps -- the very coolest iPad apps -- that we want on our wonderful shiny tablet.

So here you go. All free iPad apps. Only the coolest. Peruse the full list of apps, or jump to the iPad app category of your choice:

Free iPad Apps: News and Information Weather, Wikipedia, photos, magazines, online breaking news, sports, finance....

Free iPad Apps: Music and Entertainment

Netflix movies, Pandora music, video, basketball and baseball, TV, comics, graphic novels...

Free iPad Apps: Games

Solitaire, Soduku, poker, Karate Kid, brain teasers, tennis, animated War Chess, Labyrinth, Tap Tap....

Free iPad Apps: Shopping and Lifestyle

City guides, restaurants, online price comparisons, recipes and food....

Free iPad Apps: Useful Utilities and Social Networking

Photo editing, Facebook, Wi-Fi connectivity, IM, RSS, IBooks, Kindle....

Free iPad Apps: Office Productivity

Dictation, file storage, text editors, calculator, graphics....

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Coolest iPad Apps: Top 71 Free iPad Apps


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